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These pairings of couples from a pool of eligible singles are typically based on some combination of physical and social demographics and personality profiling.

This type of compatibility testing and assessment varies from and is arguably more difficult than in-person programs or workshops like “PREPARE and ENRICH,” which assess existing couples on the critical tasks related to early marital adjustment.

The principal index (score) provided by this test is called Match Index, and indicates the degree of compatibility of partners.

You see, compatibility testing done well is a powerful tool.But the way we deliver it feels a bit dusty to me.” The most important change comes in the form of onboarding.Since 2000, the company hasn’t changed the way it brings on new users.But, compatibility testing done wrong is a powerful way to hurt your chances for finding lasting love.Let me reiterate – compatibility testing done right works for you; compatibility testing done wrong works against you.

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