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He made me feel relaxed and captured a lot of great different looks for me. Within 6 weeks on a dating website with my new photos I have met a wonderful guy and things are going great!

Kevin was my photographer and he did an amazing job. He was pleasant to work with as well and very accommodating.

We've been fans of Meerkat from the beginning, so it's really cool to be on Product Hunt on the same day as Meerkat Cameos.

The idea for Flutter actually came out of Ashley and I talking about how much we loved Meerkat and wishing there was something like it but more interactive.

This ensures that your profile is only visible to like-minded singles serious about their search for long-term commitment.

Read on for a full introduction to our features and start your search for someone special today!

For weekend spend prefers country side and nature than crowded city.

We created Flutter because we wanted something more authentic than the existing dating apps out there. You don’t have to think of what to say, instead you can focus on the non-verbal aspects of the interaction.

Video is super powerful, and we think it is the secret to making online dating capture the magic of seeing someone in real life for the first time. We all strive for one crucial thing in our lives: connection.

And yes, this is going to be totally scary for some people! Ultimately this is not only going to change the way people interact, but it will stop wasting people’s time. So when I walk into a restaurant, only to find my date two drinks in with an enormous ego and 30 extra pounds, I would say my time would have been better spent watching Tinker Bell at home with my kid.

One second, if that, is all that users give to deciding whether or not that image appeals to them.

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One of these features is how we setup member photos on the site.

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