Facebook like button not updating

Users are set for a shake-up in how their mobile app looks, with posts and updates soon due to appear even more similar to the company’s existing Messenger app.

The change was first spotted over the weekend, and appears to alter the look of how comment threads look on Facebook mobile’s posts.

Every plugin that pulls social media sharing information does it in one of three ways. A scraper is, generally, a tool that looks at a web page and pulls out a certain piece of data.

Scrapers powered by Google are what index your website.

I wasn’t sure if my experience was worth writing about, though, until I read an article by Mat Honan called Honan chose to like everything on Facebook instead, and he experienced the polar opposite of what I did when I quit the Like.

Our findings, when paired together, underscored what I believed my experiment with quitting the Like had uncovered.

On August 1st, 2014, I announced that I was going to quit liking things on Facebook.

As I scrolled through updates, my finger instinctively gravitated towards the Like button on hundreds of posts and comments. I saw updates I liked or wanted others to know I liked, and I found myself almost unconsciously clicking my approval.in the facebook tab and it didn't show that up when facebook didn't work. I have been using firefox for 3 years already and up until now there is a problem with facebook on firefox.I already reset it to factory settings, restart firefox, restart pc, restart router, clear cache and nothing works. Sometimes facebook works, when it works it says redirecting... Read this answer in context , your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one.Facebook is set to make yet another big change to your news feed.The social network is reportedly testing a design change to its mobile offering as it looks to make using its apps more social than ever.

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