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Maybe the more you stay out of the public eye and away from reality TV, the better your chances are of making it as a couple in real life. There are so many reasons this is stranger than strange — not the least being that Russell was, by all accounts, married at the time and still is — but apparently he called Mikayla his girlfriend on Twitter and was photographed at various events with her.Mikayla is best remembered as the girl that Russell Hantz’s nephew, Brandon, couldn’t stop creepily staring at while they were both contestants on In fact, Brandon campaigned hard to get her voted off because he was afraid if she stuck around, he might be tempted to cheat on his wife.After all, medical evacuations have been a part of the series since its second season, when, after a contestant fell into a fire, the show credibly answered the question of how it'd handle a true emergency and guaranteed its own future.This time, though, it was the gaudy, gratuitous depiction of host and producer Jeff Probst's crisis-management skills that made the moment stick out in history.In 2004, on set of “Survivor: Vanuatu,” he started to date Julie Berry, a contestant, but the relationship only lasted until 2008. He is the stepfather of her two children, Michael and Ava, whose father is actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar of “Saved by the Bell” fame.At the start of his career, he hosted “Backchat,” an FX network half-hour show that answers viewers’ letters., held at a private residence on Friday (October 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.Hilary, 29, dressed up as a sexy pilgrim while Jason as dressed up as a Native American chief.

But the fact that the challenge was so physically strenuous that it led to several competitors falling ill is perfectly congruent with the show's own marketing of itself as unusually tough this season, and not for quitters.

He also hosted “Sound FX,” a music series that features Orlando Jones.

Between 19, Jeff hosted VH1’s “Rock & Roll Jeopardy!

” Soon after, Jeff worked as a correspondent for the hit syndicated series “Access Hollywood.” Of course, his rise to fame started in 2000 when he started hosting the hit reality television series “Survivor.” After 25 seasons, Jeff is still the presenter of the acclaimed competition series.

Despite his constant work as presenter and executive producer of the show, Jeff has delved into other formats.

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