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Hilton flicks her blonde tresses over one shoulder, bats her long lashes and slips effortlessly from one pose to another.

She’s not just working it for the cameras – she’s selling her brand.

Even at that point in time her life was the perfect example of a typical celebrity female.

She would constantly be ending relationships and starting new ones.

Best part of that live video was she turned some knobs and then some tech guy or something came and then turned them to something else. That's a big ass portion of the show to miss, I don't want to have to do that.

During her peak of fame and popularity, she was a talented, jack of all trades celebrity.

Not only was she an actor, but she was also a model, a singer, and a writer, producing multiple novels. The Beverly Hills raised girl joined the social circle of famous people from a young age, where she joined Trump Model Management, an agency owned by Donald Trump, to model as just a teenager.

Her on and off personality was just what the media wanted.

Very shortly after the tape was released, within only a span of a week or two, Paris Hilton starred in the mega popular television show, The Simple Life, alongside one of her best friends, Nicole Richie.

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Lee and Anderson also gained notoriety for recording an explicit video.

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